How to remove dashed/dotted line from google blogger/blogspot bottom before attribution

In your google blog/blogspot you may see like below:

You have seen here a dashed/dotted line before your attribution.
When you already delete attribution ( to delete attribution see How to remove attribution gadget from google blogger/blogspot )

Then these line looked very odd like below:

So perhaps you want to delete this.I show you  below how to delete this:

step 1:Go to Dashboard >Template>Edit HTML

step 2: Find out the
 .footer-outer {
  border-top: $(footer.bevel) dashed #bbbbbb;

You can easily find these line by typing .footer-outer in your brower find tool (in mozilla press Ctrl+F for find tool)

step 3:Now simply delete these found line and save the template changing.
Now view your blog and you must see that dashed line had gone forever.


  1. It worked like a charm, thanks again for the help you provide to those of us who are still struggling through the learning curve. Your blog has been such a wonderful help!
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  2. As a programmer since 1960 (age 12) I suggest you never want to simply delete code from any template anywhere, even if for your use only. Why? You might forget what you did and someday want to undo it. This is a preferable method for pre-delivery of page (you can of course, when you are working professionally as a programmer, use a program that strips out all /* comments */ or before the page is on the server ready to be pushed or pulled by end user. Better (example only):

    .footer-outer {

    /*line below is commented out by Violet 5/8/2016

    border-top: $(footer.bevel) dashed #bbbbbb;

    It is replaced by the code line below: